Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1310

Candace and Jerry are such wonderful and fun people as individuals and together they are just a powerhouse of fun and laughter.  It was an incredibly windy day on top of the hill at Mira Vista Golf & County Club but that didn’t stop their joy and definitely not their laughter.   In fact the wind added to the light heartedness with which they both carry with them and made for some fun photographs!  I am so super honored they chose me to share their special day and trusted me to capture their moments, big and small, quiet and boisterous, on their wedding day.  Thank you to all the friends and family who opened their hearts to us and made us feel part of the family.  Thank you to Tamiko from All Things Simple who kept everything on track. Thank you to my brother Gonzalo and Ryan for always being a wonderful team with me.  And, of course, thank you to Candace and Jerry for sharing your amazing windy wedding with us – we all had a blast.   Below are just some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 0351-2candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_07 Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 0760candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_08Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1573Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1711 Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1055candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_01candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_02 Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1203Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1712 Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1484candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_03Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1742Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 1793Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2000candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_04Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2062Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2024Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2152 Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2172Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2192Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2557Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2718 Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2887Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3043Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3088Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3116Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3185Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3282candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_10Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3512Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3540Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3589Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3609Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 3903Candace-Jerry-Mira-Vista-Wedding 2952candace-jerry-mira-vista-wedding_06

To see more of my favorite images, please enjoy this SLIDESHOW! 

Thank you again to all the wonderful vendors I had the pleasure to work with on this wedding:

Venue:  Mira Vista Golf & Country Club

Event Coordinator:  All Things Simple

Floral Arrangements:  Katharina Stuart

Music:  Soul Simple Sounds

Cake:  True Confections

Photo Booth:  Rock That Shot

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