I loved photographing Bernadette and Joey’s wedding!  We started at with a fun yet traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in San Francisco and then to Fremont for their Palmdale Estates wedding and reception.  These two are so right for each other.  You can tell from how playful they are with each other, the love their parents have for them and the fun their friends have when they are all together.  We spent the day laughing and also at times getting emotional.  It was an awesome day and I’m so grateful they trusted me to capture their important moments, big and small, on their wedding day.  Please enjoy just some of my favorite images below:

palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_002 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_003Chinese tea ceremony in San Francisco palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_005 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_006 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_007 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_008 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_009 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_010 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_011 bride getting ready with bridesmaids fixing her hair Palmdale Estates Fremont palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_014 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_018 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_020 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_021 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_022 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_023 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_024 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_028 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_030 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_031 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_033 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_035 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_036 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_037 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_038 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_039 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_041 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_043 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_044 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_045 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_046 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_048 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_049 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_051 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_054 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_055 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_056 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_057 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_058 palmdale-estates-wedding-fremont-jb_059

One of the reason why I love photographing a Palmdale Estates wedding is that it is super close to where I live.  So if you know someone who needs a wedding photographer, please send them my way.  Thank you!  Also a big thank you to my second shooter, Curtis Myers, who drove down all the way from Novato to assist me at during this wedding.  Gracias!

To see more of my favorite images from this wedding, please enjoy this SLIDESHOW!

Thank you too to the awesome vendors who helped make this wedding so wonderful:

Florist:  Foliage Flowers

DJ:  Sugar Ray 

Cake:  Moos Cakes

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