8:04pm, 2/1/12 last Saturday night – “It’s Randy! Wanted to let you know that Jenna’s water broke!”

So began my adventure last weekend when I had a super wonderful honor to document the arrival and first few hours of Preston Michael’s little life.  Wow, it is so incredible watching Jenna show so much bravery, vulnerability and strength.  Randy’s unending support and positivity were so sweet and inspirational to witness especially when they found out that after all their preparations they were to have a C-section.  Almost exactly 12 hours after Jenna’s water broke, at 8:07am, Jenna and Randy were holding little perfect and healthy Preston Michael.  They are home now resting, enjoying and adjusting to life as a new family.  Thank you again for allowing me the honor to witness and document that start of your new journey as parents and as a family.  Here’s a peek of their first day together:

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