By: Rosaura
Date: Dec 12, 2012
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Now for something totally different!

I usually don’t do the studio style portraits.  I prefer the lifestyle outdoors portrait sessions where we have lots of space and freedom to go where ever we want.  But this holiday season I found myself with a big need for a family portrait and no one to take it.  It was important to me because I had made a commitment this year (and from here on out) to document my little family more with ME in the photographs.

So I decided to take on the challenge myself.  Since I do not like the cold and it is hard to wrangle my children I decided to do it indoors. And then I thought, “I bet other families are in the same boat and need a last-minute photo too!”  And I knew my set-up would end up being super neat and I wanted to share.  And THEN I thought, “How about if I donate my time and ask folks to donate to my favorite musical non-profit, Living Jazz?”  It would be a WIN-WIN!  From there all sorts of crazy last-minute preparations and text messages/fb messages happened.  And folks, it HAPPENED!

A HUGE thank you to my friends Manoj Patel and Chelsy Sutton for helping me make this happen.  And another HUGE thank you goes to my loving and patient husband who let me turn the house inside out on his day off without his NFL.

Below are some of my favorites:  First up, our wonderful Gemma!  I love her so!

Am I a horrible mama?  This photo cracks me us so.  Nico is usually really really happy but he was not having it during portrait time.

And finally, our family holiday photo!  Whew!  :)

I’m doing it again this Sunday December 16th in Fremont.  Please private message me if you are interested in signing up for a slot.

10 minute shoot per family.

$40 per image selected – you get a high resolution file, a low resolution file, and an 5×7 print.  Cash or checks made out to LIVING JAZZ.

1pm -5pm.  Fun is unlimited but space is not!

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  • Barb Yasuhara

    Rosie!!! I soooo LOVED this and loved hearing your excitement at our GLASS Reunion Dinner. I should so do this to raise funds for Help Portrait!!! Thanks for sharing!!!